Esen Kaya - Artist

He completed his studies at the University of Gazi in Turkey in 2002. He is an artist, muralist and a faux painter who lives in Gilbert, Arizona. He has painted a number of projects since 2004. He pioneered the realistic marbleizing technique for unfinished white columns. Beside exclusive realistic faux marble skills, he developed advanced painting skills for illusional mural art called Trompe L'oeil. He loves to paint murals for the kids to see the happiness on their face. His goal is always leave a smile when he is done. He also has many other decorative painting techniques.

He has a scientific side as well. He is a web and multimedia developer. He is into philosophy and this is what his theory about the Universe;

"The Universe is a catastrophic result of a weakened particle -smallest in existence- that collapsed into a closest particle to create the first gravitational field and pulled other particles into it. So, the Universe is a healing procedure of a disaster in Existence. No mass is going to be existed once the healing is completed until the next weakness. - 2012 -"

He owns and for his mural and web projects. He is happily married.