Utility Box Decoration
Utility Box DecorationMural
Utility box was distracting the beauty of this house and needed a compatible design with the house. The solution idea turn out to be amazing.

Art# 220  ♥ 2
Frutilandia Restaurant
Frutilandia RestaurantMural
This realistic fruits mural painted in Frutilandia which is a restaurant in Mesa Arizona. I recommend their cheese cake ice cream.

Art# 219  ♥ 1
The Avengers
The AvengersMural
This famous movie characters painted into boys upper wall.

Art# 218  ♥ 1
Classic Old World Faux
Classic Old World FauxFaux
Applied classic old world faux on this family room with additional defined cracks

Art# 217  ♥ 0
Distressed kitchen cabinet
Distressed kitchen cabinetDistressing cabinets
Applied light blue distressing onto these kitchen cabinets

Art# 216  ♥ 0
Girls room gazebo
Girls room gazeboMural motif
This girls room converted into gazebo. Also, the room door and the second bathroom door had grooves with motif.

Art# 215  ♥ 0
Checker Doors
Checker DoorsMural motif
Checkers painted on two bedroom doors and one storage door.

Art# 214  ♥ 0
Stairs marble top
Stairs marble topMarbleizing
Painted a marble top on the stairs wall

Art# 213  ♥ 0
Faux touch up
Faux touch upTouch up on faux paintin
This faux is painted by several years ago and needed a touch up due to relocating the sensor in the game room and some others in the master bathroom.

Art# 212  ♥ 0
French Bar
French BarMural motif
This mural and motif art painted for the bar area next to formal dining room. Used metallic colors for the borders.

Art# 211  ♥ 0