Cinderella and her castle
Cinderella and her castleKidsroom mural
Classic faux applied with pink tones then mural is painted facing to her bed.

Art# 23  ♥ 1
Karate and baseball
Karate and baseballKidsroom mural
Karate and baseball were what he wanted on his walls.

Art# 24  ♥ 1
Clouds for his room
Clouds for his roomKidsroom mural
This room was already bordered. Just added clouds for his room.

Art# 75  ♥ 0
Clouds for her room
Clouds for her roomKidsroom mural
This room was already bordered. Just added clouds for her room.

Art# 76  ♥ 0
Dinosaurs in his room
Dinosaurs in his room Kidsroom mural
This Jurassic scene painted for a dinosaurs lover kid.

Art# 82  ♥ 0
Safari in serengeti
Safari in serengetiMural kidsroom
This safari mural has a very detailed elephant and giraffes. There is a group of zebras, a monkey on the tree and the lions stare at you.

Art# 117  ♥ 0
Marine world
Marine worldMural kidsroom
This marine scene painted in a little girl's room. She wanted dolphin and amazingly shark as well.

Art# 118  ♥ 0
Jurassic World
Jurassic WorldMural kidsroom
These dinosaurs painted for the kids bathroom. Some images are reflection from a window.

Art# 127  ♥ 0
DiamondbackMural kidsroom
Diamondback snakebite logo painted for this kid's room

Art# 130  ♥ 0
Godzilla from broken wall
Godzilla from broken wallKidsroom mural on faux
This kid loved Godzilla so much. We broke the wall so that he can see it.

Art# 136  ♥ 0
Rainbow and Flowers
Rainbow and FlowersKidsroom mural
Painted clouds and sky only on two sides of the room. This little girl also wanted a rainbow and flowers. We added 3D frame for the little square windows.

Art# 137  ♥ 0