Marbleized Kitchen Table
Marbleized Kitchen TableFurniture marbleizing
It had a very rough and worn surface. It turned out to be a brand new marble table.

Art# 26  ♥ 2
Distressed Cabinets
Distressed CabinetsDistressing
The cabinets needed a distressed look to incorporate with the bathroom walls that previously painted to classic old world faux.

Art# 27  ♥ 1
Distressed island
Distressed islandDistressing
They just wanted a distressed look that dominates the kitchen.

Art# 28  ♥ 1
Marbleized Coffee and End
Marbleized Coffee and End Furniture marbleizing ep
This coffee and end tables re-marbleized and epoxy coated to match the surrounding theme per customer request. Used classic neutral marbleizing technique.

Art# 201  ♥ 1
Stained Banister
Stained BanisterStaining
Replaced maple look with walnut. Sanded off the old finish and stained with walnut.

Art# 55  ♥ 0
Aged kitchen island
Aged kitchen islandDistressing
Kitchen island distressed to incorporate the surrounding

Art# 94  ♥ 0
Bedroom set restoration
Bedroom set restorationFurniture restoration
This originally dark walnut king size bedroom set is painted with off-white and metallic gold to give Victorian look.

Art# 198  ♥ 0
Bookcase restoration
Bookcase restorationFurniture restoration
These two garage bookcases restored and added murals on them.

Art# 199  ♥ 0
Buffet restoration
Buffet restorationFurniture restoration
This buffet is painted with various acrylic and metallic color with high gloss finish.

Art# 200  ♥ 0
Peacock on nightstand
Peacock on nightstandFurniture mural
Painted peacock on this drawer

Art# 202  ♥ 0
Decorative Cabinets
Decorative CabinetsDistressing motif
This kitchen cabinets first distressed and added motif to incorporate with the surrounding theme.

Art# 210  ♥ 0
Distressed kitchen cabinet
Distressed kitchen cabinetDistressing cabinets
Applied light blue distressing onto these kitchen cabinets

Art# 216  ♥ 0