Mediterranean Arch
Mediterranean ArchTrompe loeil
This trompe loeil mural is painted on a waiting room wall in a medical office to relax patients.

Art# 1  ♥ 7
Mediterranean Arch 2
Mediterranean Arch 2Trompe loeil
This trompe loeil mural is painted on a public restroom wall in a medical office.

Art# 2  ♥ 4
Achaemenid soldiers
Achaemenid soldiersMural trompe loeil
This mural depicts two Achaemenid soldiers greeting each other. A replication of the ruins of Persepolis now adorns a wall at AZ Kabob House in Scottsdale.

Art# 190  ♥ 3
Pyramids from balcony
Pyramids from balconyTrompe loeil
This is the first mural the artist painted. His client wanted the pyramids. This is what the artist came up with.

Art# 17  ♥ 2
Tuscan arch
Tuscan archTrompe loeil
These two trompe loeil murals painted in a retirement center. The elders happy now.

Art# 22  ♥ 1
Greek key and columns
Greek key and columnsTrompe loeil
Painted roman columns and Greek key for the living room that needed an attention gatherer mural

Art# 54  ♥ 1
Arch window in balcony
Arch window in balconyTrompe loeil
This trompe loeil painted behind the balcony wall to extend the view.

Art# 64  ♥ 1
Mediterranean Street
Mediterranean StreetTrompe loeil
Painted a little different version of this previously painted Mediterranean cobble stone street mural.

Art# 175  ♥ 1
Trader Joes Murals -2
Trader Joes Murals -2Mural trompe loeil
Trompe l'oeil arches painted to this bathroom. Also vertically very large mural painted for the store's walls

Art# 101  ♥ 0
Mediterranean from patio
Mediterranean from patioTrompe loeil mural
This trompe l'oeil mural is painted on a bathroom wall.

Art# 113  ♥ 0
Roman arch windows
Roman arch windowsTrompe loeil mural
Painted roman pillars around the arch windows Also, added flowers as client's request

Art# 114  ♥ 0
Matching outside mural
Matching outside muralTrompe loeil
This mural is painted in the formal room to match the scene outside the house for noon time.

Art# 177  ♥ 0
Arch Patio Door to Tuscany
Arch Patio Door to TuscanyMural trompe loeil
Painted an Italian scene on to the family room curved wall and similar wall color to the niche next it.

Art# 188  ♥ 0
Mediterranean windows
Mediterranean windowsTrompe loeil
This eastern Mediterranean window mural painted in a waiting room of medical office.

Art# 193  ♥ 0
Palace Balcony
Palace BalconyTrompe loeil mural
This balcony scene painted just above the bar in formal dining doom.

Art# 194  ♥ 0
The Creation of Adam 2
The Creation of Adam 2Mural trompe loeil
Michelangelo's famous mural "The Creation of Adam" painted on the living room wall as trompe loeil art. Used Greek key motif and stone window for the illusion.

Art# 208  ♥ 0