Combined number of Avengers banners into this below ceiling mural.

Art# 226  ♥ 0
Utility Box Decoration
Utility Box DecorationMural
Utility box was distracting the beauty of this house and needed a compatible design with the house. The solution idea turn out to be amazing.

Art# 220  ♥ 2
Frutilandia Restaurant
Frutilandia RestaurantMural
This realistic fruits mural painted in Frutilandia which is a restaurant in Mesa Arizona. I recommend their cheese cake ice cream.

Art# 219  ♥ 1
The Avengers
The AvengersMural
This famous movie characters painted into boys upper wall.

Art# 218  ♥ 1
Checker Doors
Checker DoorsMural motif
Checkers painted on two bedroom doors and one storage door.

Art# 214  ♥ 0
Girls room gazebo
Girls room gazeboMural motif
This girls room converted into gazebo. Also, the room door and the second bathroom door had grooves with motif.

Art# 215  ♥ 0
French Bar
French BarMural motif
This mural and motif art painted for the bar area next to formal dining room. Used metallic colors for the borders.

Art# 211  ♥ 0
The Creation of Adam 2
The Creation of Adam 2Mural trompe loeil
Michelangelo's famous mural "The Creation of Adam" painted on the living room wall as trompe loeil art. Used Greek key motif and stone window for the illusion.

Art# 208  ♥ 0
Lake mountain and trees
Lake mountain and treesMural
This little bathroom needed a little open area.

Art# 207  ♥ 0
Victorian Ceiling
Victorian CeilingMural motif
This ceiling needed to be finalized with metallic gold Victorian motif.

Art# 205  ♥ 0
Lake towards autumn
Lake towards autumnMural
Lots of green tones used including on sky to incorporate the surrounding theme.

Art# 206  ♥ 0
Enchanted Garden
Enchanted GardenMural
This is a faithful replica of "The enchanted garden" which is an oil painting originally painted in 1916 by John William Waterhouse on canvas.

Art# 203  ♥ 0
Peacock on nightstand
Peacock on nightstandFurniture mural
Painted peacock on this drawer

Art# 202  ♥ 0
Ceiling molding motif
Ceiling molding motifMural motif
This motif is painted on the master bedroom ceiling molding. Used metallic colors.

Art# 196  ♥ 0
Ebru motif
Ebru motifMural motif
This ebru motif is painted on master bedroom panels. Ebru is an art of shaping the floating oil paint on water to stick the impression on paper.

Art# 197  ♥ 0
Company Sign
Company SignMural
This company sign (banner) painted in a waiting room, just above the front desk window.

Art# 192  ♥ 0
Palace Balcony
Palace BalconyTrompe loeil mural
This balcony scene painted just above the bar in formal dining doom.

Art# 194  ♥ 0
Ceiling dome motif
Ceiling dome motifMural motif
This motif is painted on a ceiling dome above the bathroom tub.

Art# 195  ♥ 0
Achaemenid soldiers
Achaemenid soldiersMural trompe loeil
This mural depicts two Achaemenid soldiers greeting each other. A replication of the ruins of Persepolis now adorns a wall at AZ Kabob House in Scottsdale.

Art# 190  ♥ 3
The Creation of Adam
The Creation of AdamMural in niche
Painted Michelangelo's famous "The creation of Adam" in the upstairs niche.

Art# 187  ♥ 0
Arch Patio Door to Tuscany
Arch Patio Door to TuscanyMural trompe loeil
Painted an Italian scene on to the family room curved wall and similar wall color to the niche next it.

Art# 188  ♥ 0
Transitions Center Logo
Transitions Center LogoMural logo
Painted the company's logo on the reception area wall.

Art# 189  ♥ 0
Emboss Motif on faux
Emboss Motif on fauxMural motif faux
First applied classic faux on this fireplace wall and then embossed motif mural painted on it.

Art# 181  ♥ 0
Exposed bricks on faux
Exposed bricks on fauxFaux mural
Applied classic faux on this kitchen walls then painted exposed bricks mural.

Art# 182  ♥ 0
Arch niche in niche
Arch niche in nicheMural niche
Painted curved niche and flower with urn in this bedroom niche

Art# 183  ♥ 0
Arch in niche
Arch in nicheMural niche
Painted an arch groove with Greek key inside niche.

Art# 180  ♥ 0
Touch-up on mural
Touch-up on muralTouch up on mural
This famous store had to change the wording on this mural. The word "ocean" and "fresh" removed and gradient background color matched.

Art# 167  ♥ 0
Piano touch-up
Piano touch-upTouch up on mural
This piano top repaired for a furniture restoration company. Make sure to check the 4th image to see the difference.

Art# 168  ♥ 0
Oriental chest touch-up
Oriental chest touch-upTouch up on mural
This oriental chest repaired for a furniture restoration company. Make sure check the 3rd and the 4th images to see the difference.

Art# 169  ♥ 0
Illusional Tiles
Illusional TilesMural on faux
Applied old world faux on this bathroom walls. Also, painted an illusional ceiling tiles to match the real tiles on the shower side walls.

Art# 165  ♥ 0
Cross in faux niche
Cross in faux nicheFaux mural
Painted a cross on faux in this arch shape niche.

Art# 149  ♥ 0
Wood frame for Sedona
Wood frame for SedonaMural
Painted wood frame all over the walls to incorporate the walls with Sedona. Also, painted an arch shape niche with wood framing to emphasize the focal point.

Art# 144  ♥ 0
Crawling ivy and window
Crawling ivy and windowMural
Painted crawling ivy on walls and wooden windows next to real glass windows.

Art# 145  ♥ 0
From an Aegean Island
From an Aegean IslandMural
This mural is painted next to the entrance door to welcome visitors with the beauty of white village scene from Aegean islands. Also, classic old world faux added to the surrounding walls.

Art# 142  ♥ 0
Rainbow and Flowers
Rainbow and FlowersKidsroom mural
Painted clouds and sky only on two sides of the room. This little girl also wanted a rainbow and flowers. We added 3D frame for the little square windows.

Art# 137  ♥ 0
Roman arch niche
Roman arch niche Niche mural on faux
Painted Greek key and an arch niche on the first rectangular niche and a border, Greek key and classic faux for the second full size niche.

Art# 138  ♥ 0
Godzilla from broken wall
Godzilla from broken wallKidsroom mural on faux
This kid loved Godzilla so much. We broke the wall so that he can see it.

Art# 136  ♥ 0
Fireplace with faux and
Fireplace with faux and Faux mural
Applied classic faux with exposed bricks to this fireplace.

Art# 134  ♥ 0
Train from an arch window
Train from an arch windowMural on faux
Applied classic faux with an approaching train from an arch window. This kid loves trains.

Art# 135  ♥ 0
Jurassic World
Jurassic WorldMural kidsroom
These dinosaurs painted for the kids bathroom. Some images are reflection from a window.

Art# 127  ♥ 0
Mural Headboard
Mural HeadboardMural
Painted a headboard for this bed. Unfortunately, the footboard could not be painted.

Art# 129  ♥ 0
DiamondbackMural kidsroom
Diamondback snakebite logo painted for this kid's room

Art# 130  ♥ 0
Crawling ivy on faux
Crawling ivy on fauxFaux mural niche
Applied classic old world faux and added crawling ivy inside the niche

Art# 122  ♥ 0
Exposed faux bricks
Exposed faux bricksMural on faux
Applied classic old world faux with exposed bricks and crawling ivies on this formal dining room walls.

Art# 123  ♥ 0
Baci Restaurante
Baci RestauranteMural
This is artist's one of the oldest mural projects painted in an Italian restaurant before the Grand Opening.

Art# 116  ♥ 0
Safari in serengeti
Safari in serengetiMural kidsroom
This safari mural has a very detailed elephant and giraffes. There is a group of zebras, a monkey on the tree and the lions stare at you.

Art# 117  ♥ 0
Marine world
Marine worldMural kidsroom
This marine scene painted in a little girl's room. She wanted dolphin and amazingly shark as well.

Art# 118  ♥ 0
Mediterranean from patio
Mediterranean from patioTrompe loeil mural
This trompe l'oeil mural is painted on a bathroom wall.

Art# 113  ♥ 0
Roman arch windows
Roman arch windowsTrompe loeil mural
Painted roman pillars around the arch windows Also, added flowers as client's request

Art# 114  ♥ 0
Wine room mural
Wine room muralMural on faux
Painted old fashion wine press and exposed castle rocks to convert this area into a wine room. Added grape vine here and there on old world faux to emphasize it

Art# 112  ♥ 0
Fruits on kitchen dome
Fruits on kitchen domeMural on faux
Fruits and vegetables painted on the side ring of the kitchen dome over a low intensity classic purple faux

Art# 106  ♥ 0
Motif on faux niche
Motif on faux nicheMural motif on faux
This metallic motif painted around a niche over classic faux.

Art# 107  ♥ 0
Wood frame faux niche
Wood frame faux nicheMural on faux
Painted mahogany stained wood frame mural and classic emphasized faux inside these two niches

Art# 109  ♥ 0
Trader Joes Murals -2
Trader Joes Murals -2Mural trompe loeil
Trompe l'oeil arches painted to this bathroom. Also vertically very large mural painted for the store's walls

Art# 101  ♥ 0
Trader Joes Murals -1
Trader Joes Murals -1Mural
This vertically very large mural painted for Trader Joe's. Also painted a trompe l'oeil to bathroom.

Art# 100  ♥ 1
Grape vine in kitchen
Grape vine in kitchenMural
This decorative grape vine mural painted with low intensity colors to incorporate the accessories in the kitchen

Art# 91  ♥ 0
Clouds for twins
Clouds for twinsCeiling mural
Painted clouds on the ceiling and bees on the walls for the newly born twins.

Art# 90  ♥ 0
Ivy on classic faux
Ivy on classic fauxMural faux
Ivy mural painted over a classic faux in this kitchen.

Art# 85  ♥ 0
Dinosaurs in his room
Dinosaurs in his room Kidsroom mural
This Jurassic scene painted for a dinosaurs lover kid.

Art# 82  ♥ 0
 Praying lady
Praying ladyNiche mural
This mural painted from an image that provided by client.

Art# 72  ♥ 0
Clouds for his room
Clouds for his roomKidsroom mural
This room was already bordered. Just added clouds for his room.

Art# 75  ♥ 0
Clouds for her room
Clouds for her roomKidsroom mural
This room was already bordered. Just added clouds for her room.

Art# 76  ♥ 0
Motifs in formal room
Motifs in formal room Mural motif
These motifs painted over entrance from formal room to kitchen and above the pantry door.

Art# 70  ♥ 0
Mediterranean scene
Mediterranean sceneNiche mural
Painted Mediterranean look on to one niche and the other one only had the continuation of the sky.

Art# 58  ♥ 0
Marbleizing over faux
Marbleizing over fauxFaux marbleizing mural
Marbleized the square columns and painted an arch mural and stone base for the niche over faux.

Art# 60  ♥ 0
Statue over balcony wall
Statue over balcony wallMural faux
This extension balcony wall needed to be covered up with an art work to prevent complains by neighbors.

Art# 63  ♥ 0
Wrought iron
Wrought ironMural
This wrought iron mural painted in a furniture store to match the section that has similar design. LQ image.

Art# 50  ♥ 0
Motif on faux
Motif on fauxFaux mural
Added these motifs per customer request over a classic faux

Art# 51  ♥ 0
Grape vines on wall
Grape vines on wallFaux mural
Grape vines painted after classic faux application

Art# 47  ♥ 1
Desert landscape gate
Desert landscape gateMural
This backyard gate painted with desert landscape to match the mountain shapes. Used metallic colors.

Art# 49  ♥ 1
Ristorante in patio
Ristorante in patio Mural
This Italian scene mural painted in a patio for the purpose of creating a reading area in the backyard.

Art# 39  ♥ 2
Mediterranean Town
Mediterranean TownNiche mural
Painted a Mediterranean cobblestone street.

Art# 35  ♥ 1
Cinderella and her castle
Cinderella and her castleKidsroom mural
Classic faux applied with pink tones then mural is painted facing to her bed.

Art# 23  ♥ 1
Karate and baseball
Karate and baseballKidsroom mural
Karate and baseball were what he wanted on his walls.

Art# 24  ♥ 1
Classic faux and grape
Classic faux and grapeFaux mural
This kitchen is painted to classic old world faux with little grape mural.

Art# 25  ♥ 3
Stone Arch Door Frame
Stone Arch Door FrameMural
This arch door frame with a key is painted similar colors to match the wall. Added highlights and shadows to carve the wall.

Art# 13  ♥ 1
Castle rock niche
Castle rock nicheNiche mural
This mural is painted on two niches in a formal room.

Art# 15  ♥ 1
Sunset Dome in Arizona
Sunset Dome in ArizonaMural
This Arizona sunset scene with palms and bamboo structure painted above the master bathroom tub.

Art# 5  ♥ 4